• POSTED: October 9, 2017
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Accident Attorneys in Fairfield Explain Parking Lot Vehicle Collisions

Car accidents vary depending on many factors such as type of vehicles involved, injuries sustained and location. Although parking lots may not seem like a common area for accidents, many car and trucks entering and exiting parking lots are prone to hit each other . Though these accidents don’t often have serious damage or injury, it can be complicated trying to determine who was at fault and what liability they had. If you have been involved in a car accident in a parking lot, speak with accident attorneys in Fairfield for legal advice. Some types of car accidents in parking lots include but are not limited to:

  • Car leaving a parking space collides with a parked or moving vehicle
  • Two cars backing out of parking spaces collide
  • Car turning suddenly in front of oncoming traffic to enter a parking space
  • Two cars trying to park in the same space collide
  • Rear-ending due to a car stopping abruptly

How to Determine Fault in These Scenarios

Everyone has a responsibility to be aware of their surroundings and to stay alert to the activity of traffic in their vicinity. This responsibility is higher and can become a liability when a vehicle is interrupting the normal flow of traffic – either by entering or leaving it. This is also true in parking lot collisions, though the speeds are typically much lower and there may not be clear lines on the ground or indication of whose turn it is to move. Below is a general guideline to the various situations that can arise from parking lots but it’s always a better idea to speak with professional accident attorneys in Fairfield regarding your case specifically.

Car leaving a parking space collides with traffic

Drivers of vehicles leaving a parking space have a responsibility to look both ways and evaluate the flow of traffic before moving. These individuals may be held liable if a collision results from their negligence. Drivers should pull out slightly to increase their visibility and the visibility of their vehicle to other cars. Only after determining the way is clear or after being given indication by other drivers should the driver back out of the space. Generally speaking, drivers who are pulling out of a parking space are almost always held liable should a collision occur. However, there may be an exception if the other driver is maneuvering recklessly. Speak with accident attorneys in Fairfield if this pertains to you.

Two cars backing out of parking spaces collide

In the instance that two vehicles are pulling out of parking spaces and collide, both of the drivers are likely to share fault. Drivers pulling out of parking spaces have an obligation to be sure there is no oncoming traffic, but they often neglect to be sure no one else is backing out behind them. There are exceptions and it is important to record the event with pictures and witness statements if you believe the other driver is more or completely at fault.

Collision due to a car turning suddenly in front of cross traffic to park

As previously mentioned, when a vehicle interrupts the normal flow of traffic, they are likely to be held liable in the case of a collision. It is important to assess the situation and maneuver responsibly, no matter how competitive the parking situation may be. Even if the driver entering the parking space argues that they had enough time and the oncoming driver was not paying attention, this is usually rejected by the court. It is important for drivers to also keep in mind the change in speed they must accomplish between accelerating towards a space and coming to a full stop within that space; this may result in that driver colliding with another parked car or a moving vehicle colliding with the back of their car.

Two cars collide when trying to park

In this instance, it is likely that both cars will be considered responsible. Due to crossing traffic, however, it is possible that the left-turning vehicle will be held more or completely liable due to the interruption of the normal flow of traffic.

Rear-ending due to a sudden stop

As with normal traffic, drivers are obligated to follow the car in front of them at a safe distance and to stay alert. Rear-endings are almost always determined to be the fault of the individual who rear-ended the other car. Exceptions to this may include if the car in front had a broken tail or brake light.

It is important to be vigilant in recording the details of the collision by taking pictures of the vehicles involved, including their license plates, positions after the collision, license plates, and pictures to give context for the incident (e.g. parking lot layout). You should also gather information from the other individual(s) involved including driver’s license and insurance information. Because most car accidents in parking lots result in limited property and physical damage, as well as the fact that most parking lots are considered private property, police do not often respond to these calls.

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