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    The Choyce Law Firm represent clients in the Solano County including Fairfield, Dixon, Vallejo & Vacaville who have suffered personal injuries or property damage from an accident on dangerous property. Such accidents include slip & fall accidents, accidents at apartments, accidents on government property, dog bites & animal attacks injuries and stairway-related accidents.

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    In the State of California, property owners have a duty of care to maintain an environment that is reasonably safe for visitors and free of hazards. This includes addressing new hazards that arise within a reasonable amount of time and providing sufficient warning for issues that cannot be immediately fixed.

    Some common liability problems include uneven or slippery surfaces, falling objects, inadequate security measures, poorly lit walkways, and more. When an owner fails to maintain safe premises and leaves innocent people at risk, serious injuries can occur. Those who have been injured may be able to seek compensation for their pain and suffering through pursuing a premises liability claim.

    We represent all types of premise liability claims, including:

    Elements of a Valid Premises Liability Claim

    In order to have a valid premises liability claim, it is necessary to prove the following three things:

    1. That a dangerous condition existed on the property
    2. That the owner either knew or should have known about it
    3. That the victim was directly injured by the dangerous condition

    It is important to note that, even if a dangerous condition existed, as a visitor on another’s property you are still required to exercise reasonable care to protect yourself. You may have to prove that you took all of the necessary precautions while on the property to be safe and that your actions played no part in your injuries. A Fairfield injury premises liability lawyer can help you determine your eligibility.



    If a negligent property owner is responsible for the injuries that you suffered, there is no reason that you should have to bear the financial burden of medical bills, lost wages, and other future expenses. Our Fairfield personal injury lawyers at The Choyce Law Firm are ready to put over 50 years of combined experience to work for you as we fight to get the fair compensation you deserve.


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    Slip-and-Fall accidents commonly occur when floors are wet or slippery, when buildings have poor or inadequate lighting, uneven floors, torn carpeting, cracked sidewalks, or when dangerous areas are not secured properly. Slip-and-fall accidents may cause severe injury and can require extensive medical treatment over time. Business and Property Owners are legally responsible for dangerous conditions on their property that lead to personal injury. The attorneys at the Choyce Law Firm can help you hold them accountable.

    In order to prevail in most Slip-and-Fall cases, the injured party must show that the business or property owner knew or should have known of the dangerous condition on their property and failed to timely remove the condition. Many times, lawyers will refuse to represent clients injured in Slip-and-Falls cases because insurance companies are notorious for being unreasonable in compensating people injured in these types of cases. The attorneys at the Choyce Law Firm know all too well that insurance companies will not pay nuisance value for a Slip-and-Fall accident unless you have an aggressive attorney working on your side!

    Slip & Fall Case Example – We represented a man who fell in commercial establishment on a floor that been recently waxed, and the area where our client fell was not was not properly coned off to prevent people from walking on the floor. As a result, our client fell and hit his head causing serious injury. After the insurance company claimed it was our client’s fault, he hired us to help him. A thorough investigation revealed our client was not at fault, instead the property owner did nothing to correct the dangerous condition caused in his establishment. We fought back to help the client receive the full compensation he deserved!


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    If you have been injured in a Slip-and-Fall accident due to the negligence of a business or property owner, call Vallejo accident lawyer at The Choyce Law Firm for a free consultation now! If there is no recovery, you owe no attorney fees!
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    If you’ve been injured in a slip and fall accident, check out the frequently asked questions below and don’t wait to contact an experience personal injury accident lawyer.

    What is a slip and fall accident?

    It generally refers to when a person slips and falls on someone else’s property due to unsafe conditions and is therefore injured as a result. These types of cases fall under a more broad term known as “premises liability” which refers to situations when an individual is injured on property owned or maintained by someone else.

    Who is responsible if I’m injured in a slip and fall accident?

    Property owners have special responsibilities to act in special care when others are on their property. If you slip due to ice or snow, which is a very common cause of slip and fall accidents, the property owner will be held responsible. Many factors are taken into consideration when determining who will be liable for your injuries and only a skilled attorney can help you identify the responsible party.

    Do I need evidence?

    In order to reach a settlement, you will need to prove a third party was being negligent. Having evidence is the only sure way to achieve proof. If you are in a slip and fall accident, make sure to gather evidence such as:

    • photographs – photos of the injury site, the wound and any other injury factors
    • witnesses – individuals who can give an accurate account of the incident such as time, location, causes, etc
    • accident report – if your slip and fall occurred in a public business, be sure to ask the manager for an injury report and obtain a copy before leaving
    • medical reports – copies of all paperwork and doctors notes pertaining to your injury
    • items – any foreign objects that could have contributed to your fall

    What are some common causes of slip and fall accidents?

    Slip and fall accidents are very common and can happen in a variety of locations such as grocery stores, restaurants, office buildings, shopping malls, parking lots, sidewalks, and many more.

    Is the property or business owner liable for my injuries?

    Many factors are taken into considerations when answering this answer. Retail stores and other businesses typically attract a large number of people who enter their premises to browse and shop. If you feel like it was the property owner that was negligent or the business, contact an injury accident lawyer immediately for advice.

    What is a licensee?

    A licensee is a person who enters the premises with the landowner’s express or implied permission for his or her own purposes rather than for the landowner’s benefit. For example, any social guest is a licensee. The owner has a duty to warn a licensee of a dangerous condition.

    I was invited as a guest to a dinner party and was injured while I was there. Can I recover for my injuries?

    A property owner has a responsibility of warning the licensee (social guest) of any dangers that creates an unreasonable risk of harm if it is known to the owner and not likely to be discovered by you, the guest. Thus, if you were injured on a hidden condition, such as a loose floorboard that the owner knew about but didn’t tell you, you will be able to recover for your injuries.

    How do I prevent falls due to slips and trips?

    Slip and falls result in some kind of unintended or unexpected change in the contact between the feet and the ground. As an owner, to prevent slips and fall on site, you should maintain good housekeeping and quality of flooring. As an individual, you should have proper fitting footwear, especially in a work environment that often has oily or wet surfaces.

    How much is my case worth?

    The monetary value of each case is dependent on factors such as the severity of the injuries, the medical treatment received and the severity of the residual injuries and disability. Because each case is different, it’s best to consult with an experienced personal injury accident lawyer.

    How long will my case take?

    Because each case is different, it’s hard to determine the length of your case without evaluating the severity of your injuries, the insurance carrier, the evidence and the court.

    Am I allowed to have a case even if I am not legally in the United States?

    Whether injured while working or in a personal injury accident, all persons have the legal right to pursue recovery for their injuries. California Worker’s compensation and personal injury laws are extended to all people working and injured within the state of California.


    Injured in a Slip & Fall Accident? CALL (707) 422-1202 FOR FREE CONSULTATION ABOUT YOUR CASE.

    If you have been injured in a Slip-and-Fall accident due to the negligence of a business or property owner, call the Dixon, CA accident attorney at The Choyce Law Firm for a free consultation now! If there is no recovery, you owe no attorney fees!


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    An attack by a dog or other animal can be one of the scariest events of your life. Most times, the attack is due to the animal owner’s negligence. With regard to injuries caused by dogs and other animals, California is considered to be a strict liability state. In other words, from the moment that the dog’s owner takes ownership, they are held fully responsible for injuries that their animal causes to other individuals, under most circumstances. For victims of dog bites, this is potentially good news, as you may be entitled to seek compensation for your losses through a personal injury claim.


    If you are bitten or attacked by a dog or any animal, you deserve to have an experienced, knowledgeable attorney in your corner. Vacaville personal injury attorney at The Choyce Law Firm, has experience with these cases. Our Fairfield personal injury lawyers have an in-depth understanding of what dog bite victims may be dealing with, as well as all of the legal, financial, and personal challenges that are involved in these types of cases. There will likely be costly medical expenses following an attack, including stitches and potentially reconstructive surgery.

    Some common injuries that are caused by dog bites include:

    • Skin punctures and tearing wounds
    • Scarring and other forms of disfigurement
    • Emotional and psychological injuries
    • Diseases, such as rabies
    • Head or brain injuries
    • Broken or crushed bones

    If your injury was the result of another owner’s dog and the owner’s own negligence, you should receive the maximum amount of compensation that you are legally entitled to. We are here to help you do exactly that so you can focus on recovering and returning to daily life once again.

    Animal attack cases, like all our personal injury cases, are taken on a contingency basis, meaning we don’t charge you any money up front, we only collect out of the proceeds that we win for you. In many cases the owner of the dog or property where the dog is located has a large insurance policy, which covers exactly this type of injury. But don’t settle for what the insurance company wants to pay you as “nuisance value” to make you go away. You deserve to have a skilled attorney fighting for your justice.

    Actual Dog Bite Injury Case Example: We represented a minor (B.M.) who was bitten in the face by her neighbor’s dog. While it was only one bite, we still would not settle for anything less than what she deserved. After investigation, we uncovered an insurance policy covering this type of loss, fought the case on her behalf and forced the insurance company to settle prior to trial. Total award: $275,000.00*

    Whether you or a loved one suffered one single bite, or a more devastating attack, you deserve an attorney who cares about your situation and is here to help make sure you are fully compensated for your injury. Our American system of law is set up only one way- to repay you for your loss with money. The insurance companies have one job – to pay you as little as possible and keep expenses as low as possible for their company. You must level the playing field by having an attorney on your side, who will fight to make sure justice is done.

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    At The Choyce Law Firm, we understand the urgency of your legal matter and can provide the legal help you need. Contact us right away to arrange a free consultation and we promise to explain your legal rights and give you the answers you need to know about your case.

    Call our office now to discuss your situation with a Vacaville injury attorney at (707) 422-1202. We offer free consultation and there is never a fee unless we win.



    Injured in a Slip & Fall Accident? CALL (707) 422-1202 FOR FREE CONSULTATION ABOUT YOUR CASE.

    If you have been injured in a Slip-and-Fall accident due to the negligence of a business or property owner, call the Dixon, CA accident attorney at The Choyce Law Firm for a free consultation now! If there is no recovery, you owe no attorney fees!




    Swimming pools are extremely fun and popular during the summertime, especially in hot Fairfield. However, they are also rife with danger – slippery and hard surfaces with large populations next to a body of water is a recipe for disaster. It’s very important to stay alert and act with caution at a swimming pool, but sometimes even that isn’t enough to prevent an accident. Incidences at the swimming pool can be very severe and even deadly. It is especially dangerous for young children who do not know to act with caution and may not know how to swim. In fact, approximately 500 children under 5 die each year from a pool drowning. In California, it is the number one cause of death for people under 14 years of age. Most young drowning victims are under the care of at least one parent and are out of site for less than five minutes. Even in non-fatal accidents, the injuries incurred are often severe and may include life-changing brain damage. If you or your child has been injured, you may be confused and overwhelmed with emotions, especially when you do not know who was at fault. Speaking with an injury accident attorney in Fairfield can help you during this difficult time.

    If the pool owner acted negligently or carelessly, you may be entitled to compensation. The following outlines what a pool owner or controller is responsible for and aims to help you understand your rights.

    Possible Injuries from Pool Accidents

    1. Broken bones
    2. Sprained or twisted joints
    3. Brain damage
    4. Disembowelment
    5. Drowning
    6. Chemical burn
    7. Electrocution
    8. Death

    Who is Responsible?

    Depending on the nature of the incident, different individuals or entities may be considered liable. Most incidences probably are the fault of the pool owner for negligence in maintenance or supervision of a pool. This is because most pool accidents occur from improper care of the pool and area surrounding the pool. Private pool owners are responsible for the safety of all pool users and people on their property (including trespassers). Other incidences may include product malfunctions and may be the responsibility of an individual or entity related to that product. Every case is unique and only an experienced injury accident attorney in Fairfield can explain your rights pertaining to your case.

    What Precautions Need to be Taken?

    Pool owners are required to take reasonable precautions to prevent drowning. Some ways a pool owner could prevent drowning include the following:

    • Adequate supervision of guests – This is especially true if a private individual was meant to be watching a young child at his or her pool. This is especially true for pools open to the public and an owner may be held liable if inadequate supervision is provided (too few or insufficiently trained lifeguards)
    • Adequate and visible warnings regarding the absence of lifeguards or an unsafe depth of the pool for activities such as diving
    • Adequate fencing around the pool – In-ground pools lacking complete fencing are the location of more than 60% of drowning incidents.
    • Adequate pool maintenance – Imbalance of pool chemicals, slipper pool bottom, insufficiently filled pool (diving accidents), improper installation of pool equipment, etc. Depending on who was responsible for or in control of certain aspects of maintenance, the liability may fall to individuals or entities that are not the pool owner (such as the equipment installation company or individual).

    Government-owned Pools

    Many pools are owned by some section of the government. The government is equally responsible for the prevention of drownings in their pools as private owners. The main difference is that there are strict rules and regulations in bringing about a case against the government. The time-limits and other restrictions on notice and claim-filing can be very complicated. If you do not follow all the rules, you may automatically lose your right to receive compensation. It is very important to contact a knowledgeable injury accident attorney in Fairfield who can help you through this confusing process. Specific cities and counties within California have passed their own regulations on how residential pools must be maintained to prevent drowning.

    What to Do After a Swimming Pool Accident

    Unforeseen accidents often result in chaos and panic. It is important to do what you can right after the incident to insure the strongest case possible. After experiencing a pool accident, the following should be done:

    • Collect evidence – Be sure to take images of the condition of the pool during the time the incident took place. Take photos from different angles and all around the pool – including any relevant equipment or signage. Take down names and contact information for individuals who may serve as witnesses. If faulty equipment was related to the incident, be sure the equipment is not disposed of but is instead kept in a safe location for later reference. A lawyer can help you prevent anyone from interfering with the equipment.
    • Keep records – Document any injuries that are incurred, as well as events relating to the incident. Take photos where possible. Obtain copies of police records when applicable, as well as copies of medical records relating to the incident. Keep records of all conversations with any witnesses, police, medical professionals, or individuals relating to the pool property. Keep a record of all related medical costs including prescriptions, physical therapy, lost work, etc.
    • Contact a lawyer – It is important to contact a knowledgeable and motivated attorney as soon as is practical to keep you informed of your rights and guide you through this difficult and complicated process. This is the best way to ensure you receive the compensation you need and deserve.



    Whether you were injured in a government-owned pool or a privately-owned pool, you may be entitled to compensation depending who was at fault. If you have been injured in an accident due to the negligence of a business or property owner, call the accident attorneys at The Choyce Law Firm for a free consultation now! If there is no recovery, you owe no attorney fees!




    There are thousands of injuries and accidents on construction sites each year. Typically, injuries involve construction workers on the site, but there are also incidences involving non-construction workers who are visiting or on the site by chance. Due to the ever changing nature of construction sites, as well as the frequent use of power tools and heavy machinery, injuries can be very serious and there can include extensive property damage in construction site incidents. Because physical and material damage is often severe, construction site injury cases can carry high penalties and large compensation. If you or someone you know has been injured on a construction site, contact an accident lawyer in Fairfield immediately.

    Common causes for construction site injuries and damage include but are not limited to the following:

    1. Dropping heavy materials
    2. Falling on uneven ground
    3. Tripping over misplaced items
    4. Misuse of tools
    5. Negligence by coworkers
    6. Defective equipment or machinery
    7. Insufficient training
    8. Lack of safety precautions
    9. Generally unsafe work conditions

    These types of instances can cause serious injuries and even fatalities. Some of the more common injuries include:

    1. Fractured skull
    2. Brain trauma
    3. Broken and fractured peripheral bones
    4. Spinal cord injuries
    5. Electrocution
    6. Burns
    7. Cuts and lacerations
    8. Death

    Determining who is liable

    According to California law, the primary contractor is to be held liable in successful cases against them. There may be other individuals who are more directly involved in the incident, but the primary contractor is almost always responsible for maintaining a safe environment. If complete supervision and control is given to a subcontractor, the liability of the owner may be reduced or eliminated. Other individuals or parties that might be liable in an accident include subcontractors, construction managers, site owners, equipment manufacturers, and engineers. Every incident is different and because many parties can be involved, seeking the consultation of an experienced accident lawyer in Fairfield is the best approach in determining your qualification for compensation.

    Like all work environments, employers have a duty to ensure and enforce safety protocols. These expectations are also required by general contractors and property owners who must provide a safe work space, warning signs of any dangers or hazards that are not obvious and maintain the safety of the construction site. If you feel your employer, contractor or property owner neglected in the safety of a construction site, speak with an accident lawyer in Fairfield.

    Even if control and supervision is allocated to a subcontractor, property owners and general contractors are liable for injury in the following instances:

    1. They created the condition directly or through an employee
    2. They were aware or should have been aware of the condition through reasonable inspection and had sufficient control to remedy the condition or take reasonable safety precautions
    3. They knew or should have known that a subcontractor’s work created a dangerous situation, and that this situation would be replicated if reasonable safety precautions were not taken

    There is a caveat with construction site accidents every employee should be aware of. In accordance with California law, employees of the property owner or contractor are not permitted to sue their direct employer for negligence so long as worker’s compensation insurance is provided. This usually means that a construction worker is not able to sue their contractor. The benefit to this is that if an individual can prove he or she was injured on the job, they are entitled to compensation without the need to prove fault. The unfortunate part of this situation is that worker’s compensation is extremely modest and doesn’t nearly cover the expenses and lost wages of an injury – nor does it compensate for pain or emotional distress. However, an employee of the contractor may sue the property owner and an employee of the owner may sue the contractor if actionable negligence can be established. No case is ever the same so speak with an accident lawyer in Fairfield who can evaluate your specific situation and advise.

    What is “actionable negligence?” Property owners and contractors can not be held liable for obviously dangerous conditions as the workers ought to recognize and avoid these dangers. However, property owners and contractors are required to remedy a danger, even if the danger is obvious, if construction workers are likely to encounter this danger while going about their jobs and it is foreseeable that this danger could cause injury. As it was an obvious danger, the property owner or contractor may not have had an obligation to warn their workers of the danger, but they may have had an obligation to remedy the danger.

    A spouse of an injured individual or a survivor in the case of wrongful death may bring a case against the defendant for loss of wages, loss to society, and the cost of care and comfort for the injured individual.



    Injury cases are often very complex, with multiple plaintiffs and defendants, claims and counterclaims, as well as third party involvement. It is very important to seek knowledgeable representation from an accident lawyer in Fairfield that you can trust to work hard on your behalf to get you the compensation you deserve.


      This is my second time hiring Mr. Choyce for my son, who was charged with a criminal act. Both times that I hired Mr. Choyce, I was very impressed with his knowledge of the law, his professionalism, and the fact that he was relatable. He is trustworthy, tells you the truth about what you are facing. He is organized, he is a very good listener, came up with strategies that were appealing.I can’t say enough good about Mr. Choyce! I knew that he was going to give my son’s case everything he had, and he did!

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      Hiring the Choyce Law Firm was the best decision I made while trying to decide what to do after getting charged with a 3rd DUI. I tried to use a lawyer that I had previously used when in trouble with the law, he was near retirement and wasn’t able to give my case the attention I was looking for understanding that I was facing jail time. When contacting Mr Choyce we discussed my case and he told me he could help, he even knew my previous attorney. Mr Choyce was aggressive in fighting my case with filing motions on my behalf an trying to get my case dismissed, I was very pleased that he was not just looking to get the first deal the D.A. offered but was aggressively trying to win my case. Although we were not able to get the dismissal we were looking for he was able to keep me out of jail an I was able to serve my sentence on the EHD Program, which allowed me to keep my job an that was very important to me. Mr Choyce also handled a second case for me, I was charged with driving on a suspended license and no registration. Once again Mr Choyce was aggressive with this case and took it to trail an was able to get a not guilty verdict, which saved me a great deal of money in fines that would be pending with a guilty verdict. Overall hiring Mr Choyce and his team was the best decision I made, he provided great service at a respectable rate, an explained things as they were happening and with the charges I was facing I was very happy with the outcome of my cases that he handled. I would strongly recommend Mr Choyce and his team to anyone I know that needs legal representation he knows the law and will provide you with the best service you could hope for form a lawyer that wants to win.

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      “This is my second time using Mr. Choyce, and I would choose no one other than him. Both times that I hired him, it was for my son, and they were very serious cases. Mr. Choyce is smart, professional, practical, and relatable. He is a serious person, who listens, speaks in laymens terms, so that you understand what is going on. Not like some that I have experience, who talk over you, and dont take the time to really answer your questions.The second case got very close to going to trial, however, I was confident that I had the best of the best representing my son. Thank God that after willing to go to trial, we got a deal that, I think was a win win.I would definitely, without a question, hire Mr. Choyce again!”