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accident attorney in Sacramento

Common Causes of Truck Accidents

Imagine you are driving down the road after a long day at work. Up ahead is a large semi-truck, and it is traveling much slower than the rest of traffic. Car after car passes this huge truck, until eventually it is your turn to pass. However, when you make your move, the truck simultaneously tries to merge into the lane, and you and the truck are tangled up in a terrible accident.

This happens all the time, unfortunately — and it is just one way in which a truck accident can occur. How else can a truck accident occur? Well, the reasons don’t always involve the truck or the truck driver, actually. In some cases, it is actually the fault of the other drivers on the road. Other vehicles may try to pass the truck in an unsafe manner, drive in the truck’s blind spots, or pull a driving maneuver that forces the truck to brake sharply or change direction in a quick and unexpected manner.

But when the truck driver is at fault, the situations are often due to negligence, recklessness or some combination of both. The truck driver may have been working for many too many hours consecutively without enough rest; the truck driver may have been operating his or her vehicle in an unsafe manner; or maybe the truck driver wasn’t properly trained by his or her employer. It’s also entirely possible that the truck accident was caused due to mechanical issues with the truck, or because the cargo was improperly loaded, increasing the chance of the truck tipping over.

Could Video Technology Make Truck Travel Safer For Other Drivers?

Being stuck behind a tractor trailer on the highway can be frustrating and even scary. These giant vehicles block our view of traffic while creating large blind spots for the truck driver. If you happen to be on a two-lane highway, you can forget about passing. It seems too dangerous to pull into opposing traffic to get around the semi without risking a serious car accident.

What if there was a way to significantly reduce the vision obstructions created by trucks? How would that work? Well, making trucks out of transparent plastic doesn’t seem viable. But technology company Samsung may have come up with a workable solution: Strategic use of cameras and video monitors.

Samsung has apparently invented and tested a “safety truck” system in Argentina, a country with many two-lane highways and among the highest rates of traffic accidents worldwide. The design of the safety truck system is simple yet effective. A wireless camera is mounted on the grill of a large truck, capturing a video stream that is very similar to what the truck driver would be seeing. The live video feed is then streamed in real time to four large video screens on the back of the truck.

While this particular project probably won’t be seen on U.S. roads (at least for a while), it will hopefully inspire other inventors to pursue their own solutions to prevent car and truck accidents.

America relies on large trucks to move cargo across the country. But these trucks are almost as dangerous as they are necessary. That’s why we need solutions that will allow tractor-trailers to continue operating while protecting other drivers from serious or fatal accidents.

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