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  • POSTED: September 15, 2023
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Car Accident Attorney in Sacramento

Statute of limitations are deadlines for filing a lawsuit and every state has them.

The period of time during which you can file a lawsuit varies depending on the type of legal claim. For example, with personal injury cases, you have two years to file from the time of the injury. If the injury was not discovered right away, then it is 1 year from the date the injury was discovered. For a breach of written contract, its four years from the date the contract was broken and two years for an oral contract. Any property damage lawsuits have 3 years from the date the damage occurred.

If you fail to go to court and file a lawsuit against those who have injured you within the 2 year time frame, the court will likely refuse to hear your case at any time in the future and your right to compensation will be lost. There is a time limit of 6 months to file an injury claim against a government entity and claimants must adhere to a strict set of procedural rules. In some personal injury cases, the defendant may make the argument that you’re actually to blame(at least partially) for causing the accident that forms the basis of your claim. If you do share some level of liability, it can end up affecting the total amount of compensation you’ll end up receiving from other at-fault persons and businesses. In shared fault injury cases, California follows a “pure comparative negligence” rule which basically means the amount of compensation you’re entitled to will be reduced by an amount that is equal to your percentage of fault for the accident.

There is a strict liability for dog attack cases. Unlike most states, California does not adopt the “one bite” rule which gives dow owners exceptions for the first time their dog attacks someone. In California, the owner is “strictly liable” regardless of the times the dog has bitten someone.

Because lawsuits are a long and complicated process, contact Sacramento accident attorneys at The Choyce Law Firm immediately so you can get started on getting the compensation you deserve.


Your interests and those of your insurance company will conflict, especially when an uninsured or underinsured motorist injures you. In this case, you will seek compensation from your own insurance company. In every auto accident, your insurer will pay your medical bills and lost wages. But it is through the insurer’s investigation of the accident that determines total financial payout. It is vital that you contact an auto accident attorney at the Law Firm whose only interest is to obtain maximum compensation for you. Many insurance companies give out advice that should be followed at the scene of an accident. These include calling the police; not admitting fault at the scene; exchanging insurance information with the other driver; and obtaining the other driver’s name, address, phone number, license plate number etc.

The final piece of advice is to notify your insurance agent immediately. Although your policy obligates you to notify your insurance company of any accidents, your attorney should personally do so if injuries were involved. Without notifying your lawyer, you may make mistakes that will go against you in the future. Employees at the insurance company are trained to investigate accident cases to defend against fraudulent and exaggerated claims in order to protect their company’s pocket. Sometimes insurance companies misrepresent the amount of their policy limits in order to settle cases for far less than justified by the nature of the injuries. In some cases, insurance adjusters might advise claimants to avoid getting an attorney because the lawyer would supposedly take all of the money. It is important to understand that contacting your lawyer first is always safer and wiser.

If you were injured due to the negligence of another, regardless of the nature of the underlying accident, it is important to contact an experienced injury attorney to discuss your legal options.

The Choyce Law Firm has the resources and expertise to aggressively litigate your case in court, fighting to get you just compensation for your injury.

What to Do Following an Accident

Being involved in an accident can result in a scary and confusing situation, especially when serious injuries have occurred. The immediate aftermath following an accident is crucial. There are a few key steps that you can take in order to ensure safety, collect vital information, and make sure that you are treated fairly by both your insurance company and the legal system. If you have any questions, always contact a skilled car accident attorney for legal advice.

Immediately following an accident, you should:

  • First check to see if you are injured, and then see if anyone else around you is injured
  • Call 911 immediately to obtain medical assistance
  • Ensure that the police arrive on the scene and create a report of the accident
  • Make notes on the cause of the accident, accident scene, and other factors that were involved, while it is still fresh in your mind
  • Collect as much evidence as possible, such as pictures of the damage, license plate numbers, street signs, skid marks, and more
  • Contact your insurance provider

If you are injured or suffered extensive damage to property, contact an experienced and trustworthy car accident attorney in Sacramento to learn if you have cause for legal action

Let Our Experienced Team Begin Work on Your Case Immediately!

By reacting as quickly as possible after an accident, you can significantly increase your chances of receiving the fair compensation that you deserve for medical expenses, property damage, lost wages, and more. Our Sacramento car accident attorneys at The Choyce Law Firm are ready to begin work on your case right away. We can collect all of the necessary information and evidence to put together a strong claim on your behalf.

Injured in an Accident? Contact car accident attorney in Sacramento for Help.

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