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Vallejo Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Vallejo Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Do you Really Need a Lawyer for a Traffic Ticket?

Some may argue that it is excessive to hire an attorney to take care of your traffic ticket. These people probably don’t understand that some traffic offenses are felonies and convictions can lead to years in prison. Lesser offenses may not lead to jail but do have long-term consequences that can be avoided with the help of a Vallejo traffic ticket lawyer. When you simply pay the fine, you are essentially pleading guilty to the offense. Even a minor speeding ticket can add points to your driving record. With enough points, your driver’s license can get suspended.

The nay-sayers who think it’s silly to get an attorney when facing traffic charges also probably have never really looked into it. It’s reasonably affordable and cost-effective. Though there may be a cost associated with hiring a Vallejo traffic ticket lawyer, if that attorney can get your ticket dismissed or reduced, you save on the fine and avoid points being assessed on your driving record. Your attorney may appear for you in court, saving you the time and inconvenience of going down to the court house. A traffic attorney will also be very well-versed in the laws and are much more capable than a lay-person in getting a case taken care of swiftly and effectively.

Below is an outline of why it is really in your best interest to seek legal assistance when given a traffic ticket.

Vallejo Traffic Ticket Attorney

Save Money

Traffic tickets can be infractions, with fines of $250 or less, or misdemeanors with fines up to $1000 and the possibility of jail for up to a year. When you pay your ticket outright, as the vast majority do, you must pay your fine as well as any bail and associated court fees. Additionally, there can be costs in your sentence such as traffic school fees, which usually costs around $100 in total. When you plead guilty by paying your ticket, the DMV will often assess a point on your driving record, which can lead to increases in insurance rates by as much as $250 per year for the next five years. Most people don’t have attorneys handling their cases, but having a professional take over can lower or eliminate the following:

  • Ticket fine
  • Court fees
  • Insurance rate increases
  • Traffic school costs

Hire An Experienced Traffic Ticket Attorney in Vallejo

There are two choices in how you deal with a ticket: plead guilty, pay the traffic, and attend traffic school (if required), or fight it. While attending traffic school will take the point off your driving record, it will not eliminate the record of you getting the ticket. There is a “confidential conviction” placed on your driving record that your insurance company can still see. And that’s after sitting in driving school for eight hours!

But if you consider the second option, fighting the driving ticket, you may think it’s not worth it. Fighting a ticket requires appearing in court on two separate occasions, first for the initial arraignment and afterwards for the actual trial. If you don’t already know everything about traffic tickets, you will have to do your research on general law as well as your specific case, collect the facts, turn them into arguments, and make cohesive statements that you can present in court. This is extremely time-consuming and exhausting. By hiring an experienced Vallejo traffic ticket lawyer, you don’t have to appear in court and they can deal with the ticket swiftly since they should already know everything there is to know about traffic law.

Our Vallejo Ticket Lawyers Will Figth Your Ticket

Getting a ticket and dealing with the aftermath without giving in to just outright paying it can be a headache. It’s hard enough to keep up with your life in normal circumstances without having to think about the DMV, traffic court, and insurance companies all breathing down your neck because you tried to make the light. By hiring an attorney, you can forget all those stressors while still fighting against the charges. It’s very stressful to go to court and say your case in front of a world-weary judge who has heard it all and is not impressed with your story. Leave it all up to the experienced attorneys who have done it all before and can take the heat. They know all the best arguments for every traffic violation and will work diligently on top of their knowledge and experience to create a comprehensive and customized solution to your specific case. They can walk you through the entire process without really requiring you to do any work at all.

Though it may seem like the simplest way to deal with a traffic ticket, paying it off has unforeseen consequences that can follow you for years. Speak to a traffic ticket defense lawyer to understand how it is quite likely to be financially conservative to hire a Vallejo traffic ticket lawyer to take care of your case. Many lawyers actually cost less than the ticket fine in the first place! At least understand your options and the full consequences of each path before making a choice.

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Having a clean driving record is important

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